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What is Myo?

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a soft tissue specialist discipline and known to many as remedial massage or manual therapy, but they have advanced capabilities and modalities to be injury specific in the diagnosis and application of their treatment. It is a form of physical therapy used to treat soft tissue pain and dysfunction, to relieve joint, and address pain directly or indirectly relating to soft tissue(muscle, tendon, ligament or fascia). Myotherapy is founded on the Western medical principles based around anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Myotherapists modalities include trigger point release, dry-needling, joint mobilization, heat-therapy, cryo-therapy, PNF stretching and corrective exercise prescription.

Trained clinical myotherapists will do a postural assessment, bio-mechanic assessment and orthopaedic testing before applying manual therapy techniques and the above mentioned modalities to get results.

Trigger point release is a major focus of a myotherapy health plan. Trigger points are often hard to locate, and a myotherapists has the skill set to find a trigger point/ soft tissue adhesion  the size of a grain of rice. Addressing trigger points corrects a lot of the physical pain we experience in life. Myotherapy is a non invasive treatment procedure done to aid people suffering from low back pains, neck and shoulder pain and it is also beneficial to persons suffering from poor posture, muscle sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and to those suffering from sports related training.

Anyone can benefit from myotherapy even those who don’t have health conditions, but need a ‘general body tune up’. It gives the body relief from exhaustion and stress, numbness and tension (muscle tightness) and pain. Myotherapy is a perfect way to supple your body muscles, relax and de stress.

No doctor’s referral needed if you want to have myotherapy session.

Clinical Myotherapy assessments range from:

•  Postural assessment
•  Movement (Gait)
•  Neurological
•  Range of Motion
•  Orthopedic testing
•  Palpation of spine, joints, muscles and fascia

After the relevant assessments have been made then a treatment or set of treatments will be selected from the following list:

•  Trigger point therapy
•  Dry needling
•  Cupping
•  Myofascial release
•  Joint mobilizations
•  PNF/MET Stretching
•  Corrective Exercise